The Pina Toys Products

Girl2 2
Sleepy baby Fox
PHP  1,700.00
Fox 1
Mario Racoon in blue vest
PHP  1,400.00

Handmade Animal Friends & Dolls

I'm a very creative person and I love nature and animals.  I’m also a big supporter of environment-friendly products.  With the technology nowadays, most products, including our beloved toys, are created by machines and equipment.  Individual creativity and the love people put into making things are lost in the process. Toy friends that make us happy during our childhood and through the rest of our life are now mass-produced, no longer special and are losing their value.  And the worst sometimes is that the materials being used in factories into making them are harmful to the environment and to people.

I’m proud that all my animal friends and dolls are handmade by myself and individually crafted with love.  I’m also using 100% homegrown products from the Philippines that are environmental friendly and hypoallergenic.

At first, all I wanted was to create one animal friend or doll at a time.  It made me really happy seeing them.  I didn’t really plan on having a business until my toy friends grew in numbers.  And I wanted to  give other people like me, who appreciate the uniqueness and effort in creating beautiful handicrafts, an opportunity to adopt my Pina Toys.

An animal friend or doll made from love is the perfect gift to someone you care about.  Hours and hours were devoted in creating them, one by one.  Made with love, by hand and with no machinery involved.  This shows how much you care about the person you’re gifting or sharing it with.

What I like best in what I do is that I know that I’m spreading love in the world by making such special animal friends and dolls.  I know I gave effort and care in creating the lovely Pina Toys.  

And my only hope is that the person who’s adopting them will take good care of them too, and that they have wonderful memories together.