Your Fave Storage Food

The name "The Pantry" was created because we want people to think that we are a storage of their favorite food, with The Pantry being a room where you keep or store food.

The Pantry was born from my grandmother and mother, who inspired me to pursue with this business because I grew up with them in a household that practiced the old way of slow cooking. They would use earthenware pots and wooden logs to cook our daily meals and during town fiestas. I usually accompany my mother to the market developing a keen eye for fresh produce and learning the basics of everyday cooking from her. 

I always think of this business as a hobby as well. We make gourmet products for the people on the go who enjoy cooked delicacies. We offer food prepared the traditional way, preserving the culinary heritage of our forebears for the present and future generations to appreciate.

Our products are unique like Sinaing na Gigi because we believe it is the first gourmet food bottled of this kind in the Philippines. Sinaing or paksiw as they call it in other place is a major staple in Filipino’s table during lunch or dinner. We also have different kinds of longganisa from all over the Philippines like Cabanatuan, Calumpit, Lucban and Baguio to name a few.