Healthier Options, Good Food

The Healthy Project was created to make plant-based specialty food more accessible and best possible quality. Our aim is to give healthier options to people who want to improve their health and lifestyle through plant-based food. 

Our inspiration was really to give a healthier option to people who wants to eat good food. Eating plant based food can help any individual improve their health and lifestyle.

We love the fact that more and more people realize that plant based food are not boring and can really taste good.


Selections We Love:

  • Tapa – It is one of the most ordered food because of its sweet and meaty taste. Some of our customers make the tapa a staple in their breakfast. It can actually compete with the best tapa products in the market.
  • Barbeque – Our customers usually message us to ask if the barbeque is really plant based because of its meaty taste. You won’t believe it’s not meat!
  • Sisig – Our meat-free version of this Friday/weekend favorite is fat and cholesterol free so you won't have to worry while you relax and unwind with friends and family.