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The latest addition to our healthy products - stone-ground Pure Matcha Powder made from green tea leaves. Our premium grade, unsweetened culinary Matcha powder is prized for being an anti-oxidant powerhouse.

Health Benefits:
Matcha powder contains more anti-oxidants than any other variety of green tea. It contains high amount of anti-oxidants which help protect the body against heart disease and cancer. It also aids in better sugar regulation and brain function.

Did You Know:
Matcha can help make you happy? It contains 2 chemicals that are known to enhance mood, improve memory and promote better concentration. It can also help purify your body. It is substantially richer in chlorophyll than any other green tea, making it an excellebnt daily detox!

Weight: 50g
Usage: Apart from baking and cooking, our Matcha can also be a great addition to your smoothies and breakfast bowls. And yes, they can also be a substitute for coffee, providing a hefty caffeine kick without the jitters! FOR EASY MATCHA LATTE RECIPE: 1) Dissolve 1/2 tsp. of TGT Matcha in 1/4 cup of hot water 2) Whisk until dissolved 3) Add 1/4 cup of hot milk and sugar to taste
Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from heat and any moisture. Remember that Matcha tea's number one threat is oxygen. Oxidation deteriorates the tea's nutrients such as catechins and vitamins. Therefore, your Matcha must be stored in an airtight container. Also note that heat and humidity can turn Matcha tea stale. Matcha can also quickly absorb strong odors including left over food inside your refrigerator.

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