From Earth to oven!

The Earthchild’s Oven is all about good-quality food providing good-quality life. It isn’t just a business, it’s an advocacy!

The story of the brand began with two green-thumbed parents. Its owner was the child of these Earth-loving parents, hence their Earthchild, who just happens to have an awesome green oven!

In 2016, The Earthchild’s Oven started as a baking business, but the business was unlike any other. It’s not enough to bake something sweet or delicious. People should get more out of these baked goodies.

Months of research about healthy baking led the owner to Coconut Flour, a local and organic ingredient which contains high dietary fiber. It turns out that Coconut Flour could help flush out 20-50% of cancer-causing compounds in the body with a lot of water intake. After she witnessed her grandfather suffering from cancer, it motivated her belief that we should enjoy the chance to eat food that can minimize our chances of having cancer.

If we are more informed about what we eat, producers will be more motivated to provide us healthier choices. And it helps that our rich Filipino soil has so much to offer!

Today, The Earthchild’s Oven is continuing to develop and discover new, local and organic ingredients for every palate.