It’s time to start feeling good from within.

Let’s get down to business.

No more broken promises from beauty products. No more lies from exercise routines.

It’s time to start feeling good from within.


We have to admit, we were no tea experts, but from the passion to promote better living came the idea of modern teas for modern lifestyle. That started our quest to find master mixologists from all over the world and the finest tea flavours. We came to understand how health benefits from these teas can promote the healthier lifestyle we wanted for ourselves.

Now, we’re sharing it with you. Our teas are not magic potions. They are from the wonders of nature, the beauty of Mother Earth. There is no pseudo-science involved here. Like we said, no more broken promises. No more lies.


Teaconcept, among other Concepts© is the brain-child of Cheryll Chan - an entrepreneur during the week and a tea-drinking world traveler in a heartbeat. She found that travel and tea give her the best moments of her life where she can forget about the stresses of being a business woman while she reconnects with her soul in quiet, peaceful solitude.