Tara Baraha! was inspired by two Filipino words – Tara being the default way of Filipinos inviting friends to do something fun and Baraha being the local jargon for playing cards. This is really an invitation for Filipinos & foreigners to play their way around the Philippines!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always LOVED playing cards – while other people would have a negative connotation of “Baraha”, it would remind me simply of moments made better with a deck of cards. This inspired my rather unusual travel collection; whenever I would get the chance to visit other countries, I would always be on the lookout for a new deck. It took me 50+ decks though to realize that a baraha-loving country such as the Philippines didn’t have its own!

I absolutely love how this has become my own platform to bring together my love for three things - the Philippines, education and playing cards – into one brand. I get so kilig when I get messages from customers thanking me for giving them the means to have fun learning (and teaching others) about our country and what it has to offer.

What makes Tara Baraha! really unique is aside from it being the only playing cards that promote the Philippines, it comes with 52 info cards that would take you on a visual journey around the Philippines and would somehow introduce you to what our country is all about. On top of that, we’ve created 3 joker cards that might just make you book a flight to your next local destination.