Sweet Solutions Underarm Whitening Set

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This Underarm Whitening Set helps lighted darkened/discolored skin, lessens unwanted 'chicken-skin' texture, and smoothens underarms.

Underarm whitening solution
- Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, aqua, aluminum chlorhydrate, L-gluthathione, ppg-11, steareth-2, niacinamide, papain, citric acid

Underarm whitening cream
- Ingredients: DJ, cetearyl alcohol, stearic acid, glycerin, niacinamide, aloe vera extract
Hydrocortisone cream
- Ingredients: DJ, cetryl alcohol, steryl alcohol, propelyn glycol, SLS, vas alba, stearic acid, hydrocortisone
Bleaching Soap
- Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, Papain, Vegetable Glycerine, aqua, Hydroquinone, Essential Oil

Underarm Whitening Solution: Clear Liquid , Underarm Whitening Cream: White, Hydrocortisone cream: White, Bleaching Soap: Black

Underarm Whitening Solution: 1.5 inches in diameter x 3.7 inches H , Underarm Whitening Cream: 2 inches in diameter x 1 inch H, Hydrocortisone cream: 2 inches in diameter x 1 inch H, Bleaching Soap: 3.4 inches W x 2 Inches H

Set inclusions: (10g) Underarm Whitening cream jar, (10g) Hydrocortisone Cream Jar, (60ml) Underarm whitening solution bottle, (25g) whitening bar soap

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