Delicious, One of a Kind Filipino Cuisine, Delicacies, and International Pastries

Sweet Fusion Manila Inc. formally began in June 2012, with the goal of introducing delicious, one of a kind pastries and desserts to the Philippine market. We envision that our company would be known as a reputable supplier of high quality, consistent, and most of all delightful desserts and pastries.

Moving forward to the year 2019, the company decided to further expand its goals by focusing more on savory food products. Thus, Nana Yang’s Homemade Cuisine was born. Nana Yang’s is a brand that aims to honor, preserve, and elevate Filipino cuisine, most especially dishes made by our grandmothers in the traditional manner.

Our bestselling products are the lechon bagnet, dinakdakan, garlic butter squid, and suman sa lihia. We have recently added adobong mani as part of our traditional Filipino snacks.