Sweet Chaela Products

Ube halaya   can
Ube Halaya in a Can 200g
PHP  180.00
Garlic peanuts   2
Garlic Peanuts 200g
PHP  130.00
Ubejam 2
Ube Halaya in a Jar
PHP  200.00
Choco Flakes 80g
PHP  110.00
Choco Flakes 160g
PHP  200.00

Sweet Treats You'll Love

Sweet Chaela is named after the owners' youngest daughter, Machaela, who loves to eat sweets.

The owner, Guia, has been baking for the past 6 years, only for personal consumption and as treats to kids and her friends. It was only during the 2020 Metro Manila Enhanced Community Quarantine when she finally found the courage to sell to friends, neighbors and other acquaintances.

Inspiration to create the business was because of the pandemic. Guia had the gift of time during the ECQ and it allowed her to explore more in the kitchen. And of course, it also inspired her to push through when people started ordering and re-ordering. Making treats is what relaxes her - a hobby she enjoys and seves as a therapeutic activity for her. It also gives her so much joy when customers give flattering feedback about the treats.