Susmaryosep, it’s going to get hot

Are you ready to unlock your courage? Well, Susmaryosep has a challenge for you.

From its humble roots in the kitchens of Malate, the brand comes blasting out into Metro Manila with unprecedented amounts of liquid heat. That isn’t all there is to the Susmaryosep name though.

Anyone who has ever dared to take on their offerings would know that they don’t just pack the heat, they bring the flavor with them thanks to careful preparation by their founder, the Rebel Chef.

Their flagship product, a weapons-grade chili sauce, gives your favorite dishes a huge punch without blanketing their character.

If crucial snackage is more your suit, Susmaryosep also come with their own line of salted egg potato chips- great for a quick munch. Yes, also flaming hot.

With a carefree and borderline reckless approach to their style, one thing is for certain. You’ll never know where the heat will take you once Susmaryosep comes around.