Healthy, Safe & Sure

SureSafe Solutions was established by five enthusiastic individuals whose only fervent desire is to live a healthy, safe, and sure everyday environment amidst the pandemic and other uncertain times.

It all started with the Corona virus pandemic and people experienced heightened concern for their lives and health. Their way of contributing to the unprecedented time of the new normal is the product that gives an effective and environmentally-friendly way of adding security to the food contact surfaces by disinfecting the pathogenic microorganisms that may have attached to the packaging while also not being toxic when sprayed near the food.



SureSafe disinfectant spray is an affordable disinfectant spray that helps customers of food takeout and delivery services from restaurants, who want to disinfect single-use packaging by providing a way to disinfect these food packages in a manner that is food safe and does not destroy the fragile single-use containers used by these food establishments unlike commercial disinfectant sprays which are toxic and are not designed for applications near food.



The company seeks to fill the market gap of not having a more affordable food safe disinfectant for food contact surfaces, specifically food packaging of takeout and food deliveries amid the high risks brought about by the pandemic compared to other surface disinfectant brands which are not considered safe around food. This disinfectant aims to be safe in the application as it is non-toxic due to the low concentration of its active ingredient–benzalkonium chloride–and aims to be more efficient as it evaporates slower due to its water-based nature, and allows the active ingredient in the substance to have further contact time with the surface which carries the pathogen.