My business is named after and inspired by my two dogs that are both yellow Labrador Retrievers. One of them, Sunshine, passed away a long time ago but when she was alive, I always dreamt of having a dog café with her. So with my current dog, Sunday, I told myself to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but never got to when Shine was alive, so I created a brand for dogs and named it Sunday’s Doggie Bag. Not only did I create and name the business after her, but Sunday is also Two Yellow Labs Enterprise’s CFO – Chief Furry Officer. Sunday’s Doggie Bag was launched in 2018, before Sunday’s 9th birthday, and is my second online store.

I love creating something from scratch – from conceptualization to designing, from sourcing out materials to producing, marketing, and selling. Seeing my ideas come to life and become tangible objects is so satisfying, and sharing these products with people and seeing them happy is even more satisfying.

Specific to Sunday’s Doggie Bag, I was looking for a raincoat for Sunday so that we can take walks outside even in the rain, when I noticed that most pet items available locally are small, catering only to small breed dogs. I ordered a large dog raincoat from the US, as well as a few other items for large breed dogs and Sunday’s Doggie Bag was born. The items and products at Sunday’s Doggie Bag are items & products that Sunday herself will use or consume.

My Dad visits Sunday every day. He prepares for her boiled veggies and gives them to her for her merienda. We don’t give her commercial treats; any treat she gets is either a vegetable or a fruit because I want her to eat healthy foods. When the pandemic struck and lockdown was enforced, naturally, my Dad couldn’t visit Sunday and it made her sad.  I wanted to keep the boiled veggies as her thing with my Dad, but I also wanted to cheer her up so I started baking cookies for her. I still remember how her face lit up when she first tasted the cookie - she was so happy! And now, we’re sharing not only these pawsome cookies but also happiness with dogs of all sizes.

At the core of my business is my dog’s well-being as well as that of other dogs. The product offerings are based on what Sunday needs and likes, things that will make her a happier dog, and hopefully make other dogs (and their pawrents) happier as well.