Hair removal sugaring 80g

Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Wax 80g

Strip it   Strip It
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Have a lighter skin that’s silky-smooth and hairless for weeks. Use Strip It! The best all natural hair removal sugaring kit in the market!

• Easy to use, no heating required
• Calamansi ingredient promotes skin lightening
• 50% Less pain than ordinary wax
• Removes hair from the roots
• Hairless skin lasts 2-4weeks
• Hair regrowth is finer and softer
• Exfoliates by stripping off dead skin
• Laced with moisturizer
• Hypoallergenic & water soluble

Get the great benefits of sugaring while saving time and money! Use personally at home or use professionally at spas & salons.

Ingredients: Sugar, Aqua, Calamansi Extract & Honey
Weight: 100g
Shelf Life/Expiration Date: 12 months after opening

To get the utmost flawless effect you must follow the directions carefully.

*Make sure the skin is completely clean and dry.

Powder lightly if skin is oily, and then brush it off completely. You may stir the sugaring slowly inside the tub to get a smoother consistency.
*Hair should be at least ¼ (one-fourth inch) long

• Apply Strip It to your skin with the wooden spatula, in the direction of your hair growth.
The skin surface must be flat so do this while stretching your skin thus covering the full area.

• Take a cloth strip, press it down firmly onto the waxed area and rub for a few seconds only.
Remember to leave a small space at the end of the strip for pulling.
Hold you skin taut (stretched tight) so that all hairs will be pulled when you strip off the cloth.

• Then immediately strip off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
Do this rapidly but closely to the skin. *If the strip is removed slowly or sugaring stayed on the skin too long, the hair will not come off. Note: You need a little force in pulling.
• If few stray hairs remain, you can re-wax or tweeze them.

• Wipe the skin with a damp cloth or towel afterwards to remove excess sugaring.

If redness & bumps occur, it should disappear within an hour. This is a normal reaction. You may reuse the same cloth strip with the residual wax on it, just fold it to mix the wax a bit and use until it loses its grip.
Don’t use on broken and irritated skin. Consult your doctor if you’re diabetic or have skin problems, your skin may heal slower than average. You are extra sensitive to pain if you have your period.

• Do not wash, use alcohol, creams, astringent or deodorant right after waxing.
Your pores are open at this time and may be clogged.
(It is advisable that you do the procedure after bathing and before going to bed).

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