Strip It Products

Mini Karton Oh Scrrrub (50ml)
PHP  55.00
Hair removal sugaring 80g
Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Wax 80g
PHP  150.00
Oh scrrub
Oh Scrrrub! Body Scrub
PHP  385.00
Makeup remover
Make Up Remover & Cleanser 100ml
PHP  129.00
Cosmetic sanitizer
Cosmetic Sanitizer 100ml
PHP  119.00
Stripit bumpsaway
Bumps Away Ingrown Cream
PHP  224.00
Hair removal sugaring 150g
Hair Removal Sugaring Medium Kit 150g Wax
PHP  230.00
Hair removal sugaring 300g
Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Wax 300g
PHP  340.00
Stripit chocolate hairremoval
Strip It Chocolate Hair Removal Sugaring Wax 80g
PHP  199.00
Aloe vera gel 50ml
Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 50ml
PHP  84.00
Aloe vera gel 100ml
Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 100ml
PHP  159.00

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. From elementary through college, I had sold a myriad of products - from stationeries , ukayukay clothes to Divisoria finds. This entrepreneurial spirit is so strong that, in college, I took up B.S. Entrepreneurship (a newly offered course) to hone this innate gift. One may wonder, though, why I went into this line of business, in particular.

Like many other products and services that have attained certain longevity, I developed my products out of a personal need. Growing up, I had struggled with unwanted hair and skin asthma. Finding an affordable all-natural easy-to-use, but efficacious, hair removal wax was next to impossible; ditto with skincare products that are affordable and efficacious, yet gentle enough for use by people like me with skin asthma. These needs, along with the entrepreneur in me, inspired and motivated me to have my own business.

I am a creative person. I love the creative process involved in product development - from conceptualization to actualization. I can proudly say that my products are an expression of my creativity. I derive immense satisfaction from the validation of my creative vision and output by my clients' continued patronage.

Having and running a business of my own is not a job; but, an avenue to connect and to create.

I also love meeting people from all walks of life and sharing our ideas, dreams & life stories. Running my business gives me the opportunity to connect with people I would not have normally met had I been immersed in a different setting.