Stitched by Mia Products

Stitched Summer Clutch Bohol
PHP  2,000.00
Pouch yellow
Stitched Angela Pouch (Sunny)
PHP  1,400.00
Pouch blue
Stitched Angela Pouch (Teal)
PHP  1,400.00
Pouch red
Stitched Angela Pouch (Cherry)
PHP  1,400.00
Placemat yellow 2
Stitched Tarcila Placemats (Yellow)
PHP  1,900.00

All crocheted items begin with a single STITCH. The resulting design comes from a combination of varied stitches that are methodically and creatively imagined and lovingly and carefully executed by hand using the crochet technique.

Stitched by Mia is an idea I only initially imagined, and is now becoming a reality. The Idea? To maximize my creative talent, allow others to unleash and maximize their own creative talent--that becomes income generating and life-giving.

I have always been creative and crafty. I realized it was time to put the spotlight on these talents instead of leaving them on the side lines. This way, talent will breed more talent. Hence, I left the corporate world to pursue this passion of Talent Building.

It's my own tribute to mothers. I love that I'm able to help mothers earn a living without having to go out of the house and still be able to take care of their children and household. I have seen families challenged by having both parents work to earn a living, leaving the kids to nannies'; or other relatives'; care. While I admire the sacrifice, I would like to offer an alternative, by becoming "Women Stitchers".

Currently, I have 2 regular stitchers who are stay-at-home moms. I provide the materials and training at their homes, and they get paid on a per piece basis. On the average, they would receive more than the minimum daily wage for a day's work, which was significantly larger than what they said they received from doing crochet work for a large shoe manufacturer.


Stitched by Mia is powered by the Filipina.

Talented Filipina--her eye for beauty, her crafty and nimble hands, her brilliant mind
Caring Fillipina--her heart for family and faith
Passionate Filipina--her advocacy for the nation, the earth and society

Stitched by Mia is "Crocheted by Women for Women", providing Chic and Sustainable items for the home and a woman's daily life.

All items are handcrafted by Women who are stay-at-home moms from Marikina and Antipolo, providing them additional source of income while still being able to care for their children.
Designs are carefully selected to fit a sustainable lifestyle, replacing wasteful use of paper or plastic inside and outside of the home--and making sure it radiates a fun and chic vibe for the Women of today.