Add a little warmth and sunshine to your mornings today!

At STEEP, we believe that coffee should be easy. We wanted to bring the experience of full-flavored coffee to people pressed for time and on the go. With our STEEP Coffee Bags, you could brew a great start to your day without the hassle of a full coffee rig. Just add hot water, and you’re good to go!

By developing an easy-to-use coffee bag, we made it possible to enjoy premium coffee blends at much friendlier costs. The STEEP Coffee Bag uses biodegradable Cornsilk—a material thin enough to ensure quick and easy flow within each cup.

We cater to a wide range of tastes with a premium selection of coffee blends, all sourced and processed in the Philippines.

Because we believe in the best (and easiest) coffee experience possible, our coffee blends are all sourced from sustainable supply chains in the Philippines. The beans we use are roasted locally and make for a rich-tasting cup each and every time.

Choose STEEP; the best brew for the best of you.