SOL {Seeds of Life} by The Healthy Row Products

Sowing the Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life by The Healthy Row sprang from my interest in wellness and nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and my love for food that nourishes and leads us toward greater health.

The name was chosen not only because it’s the universal symbol for creation but also for its way of reminding me to push myself beyond my limits and comfort zone and to keep on doing what I love, whether it’s experimenting in the kitchen or trying something new.

It also represents the spreads I make because I use sunflower and sesame seeds for my ingredients. Moreover, I use various nuts such as almonds, cashews and walnuts, which are also considered seeds.

Seeds of Life products are made using carefully selected ingredients that are freshly prepared in small batches without any additives or artificial preservatives.

Our Date Butter and Coconut Date Butter are so versatile that you can use either as a spread on different types of snacks or as a natural sweetener for your coffee. As for the health benefits, dates are anti-parasitic and good for digestion.

We also offer Gomasio and Black Gomasio, a salt alternative which can be sprinkled on dishes or even brown rice for extra flavor. This can help reduce your sodium intake while increasing your consumption of essential fatty acids and amino acids that are beneficial for heart health, nutrient absorption and burning fat.

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine,” an important adage I carry as I create products that will not just do wonders to your food but also to your health. And I will continue to do what I do to empower people to make informative decisions on food, help them properly navigate through all the opposing information on wellness and nutrition and help reverse the belief that healthy food can’t be fun and delicious.