Every successful entrepreneur started somewhere.  For me, the dream to start my own healthy food products grew for a long time. It took years. It was 2012 when it finally came to fruition. Today, my brand "Sir Jess" has become known not just locally but also outside Bacolod City.

My deep motivator that drove me to make my dreams into reality is my parents’ sacrifices. Sir Jess isn’t based on a great desire to build a business. Rather, it was borne out of necessity.  Instead of working abroad as an option and giving up, I started to develop a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating myself to develop and innovate healthy products to reach greater heights in business and income.  

My desire to dream, create, innovate and learn, surpasses my fear. Every challenge I am faced with now becomes a greater learning experience of my true power. I live with an inspirational saying of "Turn that perceived weakness into your strength". 

My business has evolved significantly since then, but I'm so grateful for the way I started. I like that my advocacy to help promote a healthier lifestyle is not just for my family but it’s for other people as well – and it makes my passion worth it. The passion I had for art and cooking turned into a nice side hustle, and eventually gave me the confidence and validation to do what I loved and the outcome is the healthy products namely the Savoury Basil Piaya, Pure Muscuvado Piaya, Premium Calamansi Concentrates, among others.