Sikat Potato Chips: Keep on Munching

Richelle and I started our business by engaging in general trading a couple of years ago. Early this year, we came across the salted egg potato chips of Singapore. We liked it so much that we wanted to import it here. However, when we learned about the limitations of the product, such as shelf life, cost, and stability of supply, we concluded that it would not be a very profitable endeavor. Still, we liked the idea so much and we wanted to share the taste and experience to a greater Filipino audience. That’s why we decided to create our own and put our little spin on it.  Hence, the birth of Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips

We named the brand after our surname, Sikat. As the name suggests, it means blossoming and rising. That’s how we see our small company—something that will blossom and rise. We constantly innovate our products so we can provide the best snack experience to our customers.

In the beginning, our challenge was getting the right taste. When we launched Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips, we were quite overwhelmed with the response that we got for our little project.  That’s why we are now aiming and dreaming larger—not only for our potato chips but for our other snack products as well.

We joined weekend markets about a month after we launched our product.  It was mainly due to the requests of our customers. By joining markets and bazaars, we learned that there is no better way to know about customer feedback than a face-to-face encounter with them.  Most of the improvements we have made on our products are results of conversations we have had with our customers during these events.

Social media has also played a big part in our marketing strategy.  Though we have not really gone on full blast with it, we are quite happy with what we have achieved so far. Hopefully, it can help us reach a bigger market in the future.

Keep on munching with Sikat Potato Chips.