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These face shields are distributed by SHIELDS FOR HEROES PH, a volunteer group manufacturing them primarily for frontliners and now for the general public. The face shield frames are made of PP plastic for better flexibility, durability, and reusability.

The main shield is made of acetate or PVC plastic which is washable and replaceable when needed. Thickness is 200 microns. The shields can fit any sized head comfortably, it is an option to use rubber band to secure on small heads and even on children, ages 4 and above. Rubber bands not included. Note that our frames are RECYCLABLE to make new products.

Weight: 6g maximum
Dimensions: 4.5 x 6x 0.25

How to use:
1. Simply attached shield by aligning holes to the pegs and pushing until it snaps into place.
2. Disinfect or wash before first use.
3. Wear on the head with the frame slightly above the eyebrows.
4. If loose, simple place a rubber band or any elastic on the hooks at the ends of the frames
for a snug fit.
5. Replace pvc sheet when visibility is compromised.

How to clean:
1. Wash with soap and water, making sure that both sides are cleaned. Rinse. Spray with
2. Wipe with non-lint cloth in one direction to remove excess water and prevent scratches.
3. Air-dry.
4. Spraying alcohol to disinfect is an option if washing is not immediately possible.

Orders made on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be delivered on Monday.
Orders made on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday.

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