We believe in safety that's HASSLE FREE and AFFORDABLE

Shields for Heroes PH was founded on March 31, 2020 as a response to the need for PPEs for frontliners all over the country. The team is composed of 15 volunteers from different industries who did not know each other before the pandemic began.

The idea was to make face shields available to all health workers since at the time there was a shortage for all types of PPEs. The face shield supply was initially provided by 3D printers across the country but with 3D printers being meant for prototype purposes, daily output was limited and the supply was soon overtaken by the demand.

So Shields for Heroes PH, co-founded by Jensen Tan De Guzman and Catherine Del Rosario-Cruz, created PP plastic injection frames which enabled face shields to be produced at 12k units per day. The donation drive began and donations amounting to P2.5M had come in from generous donors and 250K shields were rolled out direct to hospitals in a span of 2 months. After the needs of the hospitals were served, the public and business sectors had asked to purchase for their own needs and therefore SHIELDS PH was born. Shields PH is the sales arm which aims to offer basic faceshields at the lowest price in an effort to drive down the prices of face shields in the market.