Natural Care for Your Furry Friend

Our Norwich Terrier, Sergeant Pepper, was a sucker for teeth brushing time. Every night, he’d happily wait for his routine to start. Rigby the Norwich, whom we adopted at the age of six and our little miss sunshine until she passed late last year, got used to teeth brushing as well.

However, we were not thrilled with the chemicals found in commercial pet toothpastes. So we started researching for a more natural approach. We began our yearlong journey to prototyping and in 2017, an all-natural pet toothpaste was born.

Aptly named Sergeant and Sunshine after our beloved terriers, this Philippine-made organic toothpaste is perfect for your pet’s teeth and taste buds. It’s made with organic coconut blend, all-natural calcium, peppermint oil and infused with vitamin E for healthy gums. It also comes in natural vanilla peppermint flavor, which your best bud will surely love!

Don’t wait for unwanted chemicals to ruin your pet’s smile. Go natural to protect the oral health of your furry friend.