Santriz is a line of innovative cooking and fruit powder that makes getting your dose of healthy, delicious refreshments quick and easy. Santriz, whose name is derived from a combination of the owners’ names – Santiago and Beatriz, revolutionizes the way consumers can enjoy their favorite fruit drinks on the go.

Each product has been thoughtfully created, packed with vitamins and minerals that offer nutritional value in every sip. All raw materials are sourced from a supplier who purchases directly from farmers, and who employs individuals in impoverished communities. With every Santriz purchase, you help a farmer and an underprivileged person in need.

Santriz is the only brand in the market that has made the rare, pricey acai berry more affordable and accessible by developing a powdered form. Calamansi, a uniquely Filipino taste, is also available in powdered form. Other must-try products include the Coconut Water Powder, Stevia Leaf Extract, and Dragon Fruit Powder.