Panalo sa Flavor at Presyo

Ready Meals Frozen Ulams is a homegrown brand, prepared by a Filipino chef with restaurant experience. We offer ready-to-eat, frozen, Filipino ulams that are quality made, fresh-tasting with no preservatives, and uses only real, local ingredients.

Available in 250 grams for only 158 pesos, already good for 2-3 persons. We believe in the quality of our products. The family of the Chef, Shareena, has solid experience in the food industry and they have perfected these recipes for many years.

Anyone who has ever tasted Ready Meals Laing would always say it’s a joyful frozen food experience. Our Laing is cooked tender, creamy and meatless, but tasty. Sinantol is also a customer favorite. You’d never think the Santol fruit can be turned into a delicious, savory dish. Both are “masabaw” and “nagmamantika sa gata”, pairs well with steaming rice. Another dish the Chef is proud of is the Dinuguan, as it is made from premium, tender and bite-sized pork with fresh kangkong vegetables, prepared carefully giving it the right flavor and texture.

Ready Meals simply offers “restaurant-quality frozen meals, prepared easily & affordable that you can enjoy regularly".