Home is where you’re happy, where the spice of life freely flows.

Started by a husband and wife team, Sambal Raja Rasa is proud to be a family affair- a meeting of different Asian cultures with a warmth all its own. The brand draws inspiration from the Indonesian dish it’s named after, as thrilling as the fresh chili pods topping its flavorful sauce.

With the husband’s fondness for his home cuisine, the duo set out to make a home for themselves in authentic Indonesian flavor. Each drop is intense, but also feels deeply inviting. The name Raja Rasa is no mere stretch either. Meaning 'the king of taste' in Bahasa Indonesia, each bottle packs a regal presence that makes any dish a courtly treat for every home.

Made with both love and a sense of cross-cultural pride, Sambal is set to leave a life-long impression on you and the people you hold close. Nothing else comes close to its blend of spice, feeling and warmth.

Sambal Raja Rasa is ready to make a home in you.