Rainourish Citrus Lemon Dishwashing Liquid 1L

Rainourish   Rainourish
PHP  150.00

This fresh lemon-scented dishwashing liquid efficiently cuts through grease on your utensils, pots and pans with a few drops. This refill provides a sustainable alternative if you already have an existing dishwashing container.

Why it's good?

Vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicon-free, 100% biodegradable

Made from: Coco-derived surfactants, citrus lemon essential oil, salt, purified water

Care/Use: For oily pots and pans, pour a few drops on your sponge and scrub as needed

Weight: 1 Liter Refill

Shelf Life/Expiration Date: 3 years from delivery date

Our PET refill bottle may get deformed in the process of transport or delivery. But this definitely won’t affect its contents.

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