Quick in the Kusina

Quisina is short for "quick in the kusina" and we make homemade frozen food for homes with different lifestyles. We wanted to offer a range of food for our customers who value quality and service. All products are made fresh daily and made with no MSG, no preservatives and extenders.

We understand that a home has different needs at different times or even for different members of the family. We have quick and easy (ready to cook) for those days where things are quite busy and  heat & eat  (ready to eat) for those crazy hectic days and you really didn't even have the time to think about the meal until you're hungry.

The products are also very flexible, we even share recipes on how you can use each of them with simple pantry items or variations on how to use them in our IG. We also offer a range of cuisine since we know this is one of the top concerns of the meal planner. Every item is meant to be prepared quickly with minimal planning, prepping and cleaning up.

Quisina promises delicious healthy food convenient to prepare for every meal enjoyed by all in the home. Always reliable and always fresh on top of great service! We arrange deliveries for you and can even offer free* shipping depending on location.