Pure Skin Rituals is all natural, and all fun.

Nothing dramatic here folks. Pure Skin Rituals is all natural, and all fun.

The secret is the elegant simplicity of having a healthy body and living a happy life.

Pure Skin Rituals began as a store on Instagram and Facebook in 2016, branching off of popular demand from friends and neighbors. Their story starts with and in the family. PSR’s founder made the switch to all-natural and organic products when she was pregnant with her son. After a bit of research, she was
astounded by the amount of toxins found in most off-the- shelf products.

Something had to be done, and Pure Skin Rituals is the result.

Drawing from a family interest in soapmaking, the brand sought to bring all the benefits of a bath and body regimen without any of the bad parabens, SLS, or other difficult-to- pronounce things.

It’s all that simple.

At Pure Skin Rituals, taking care of your body comes naturally.