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Gourmet Tuyo Flakes in Olive oil and Vinaigrette

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Pling's Homemade Gourmet Tuyo Flakes in Olive Oil and Vinaigrette is a delicious ready-to-eat meal in a jar. Best enjoyed for breakfast with fried eggs and garlic rice.

Ingredients: Dried Fish, Olive Oil, Salt, Vinegar
Weight: 200 grams
Shelf Life: 3 months if refrigerated; 21 days if in room temperature.

Estimated delivery time: 1-2 days
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Apr 04, 2017

Another favorite seller from the Karton website! I may have hoarded on this product. I don't care, i love it! This tuyo is easily one of my favorite things to snack on. I also prefer the original over the spicy version.

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