Pling’s Sweets and Savories: Bliss in Every Bite

Pling’s began in January 2015. I went home to Negros Oriental and had my mom’s special desserts and homemade tuyo. They blew my mind, so I decided to try making a business in Manila out of them. Since Pling is my nickname, I decided to call my business Pling and chose two linesa savory line, where the tuyo would be highlighted, and a postre line, where the desserts would be highlighted. I chose postre (Spanish for dessert) because I grew up speaking bits and pieces of Spanish at home.

Life is too short for bad desserts. My Rum Cake, Frozen Brownies, and Spanish Polvoron are all unique as they are uniquely moist, fresh and full of flavor. I only serve desserts at home if I think the desserts are worth the calories. And I am convinced that mine are. I make sure every bite of polvoron, every brownie bar and every slice of rum cake is worth it during your cheat day.

With the savory line, I named my special tuyo flakes, “Pling’s Tuyo”. My bottled tuyo flakes is unique because I use special tuyo and not the small, regular dried fish available in the market. Also, I use virgin olive oil and a secret bouquet of spices. I hand pick all the ingredients that I use and make sure that they are fresh and of high quality.

I like staying at home and spending time with my son, and I’m happy that I can do this while running my business. I am very proud to say that I have happy customers. It really is fulfilling when I see on my customers’ social media pages that my products have left them with a little bliss.

I haven’t tried joining bazaars and hope that being featured in an online store can help me reach more customers. One goal is to eventually open a small kiosk at a grocery store, giving more people the chance to try Pling’s creations.

Experience a little bliss with every bite of Pling’s creations..