It’s perfectly natural – herbs are for healing

Drawing from a long history of community development, Perfectly Natural Herbs seeks to uplift poorer parts of Mindanao with its commitment to good lives and better health. Thomas and Michele O’Brien launched the brand in 2006, building a working relationship with the Manga Miyamaratiyaya ki Isa, Inc. (MMKI) community.

Perfectly Natural Herbs takes pride in its completely organic roster of products, meeting strict food processing standards with FDA, CAACP and Organic Certifications. Its line of medicinal herbs is manufactured in capsule form, allowing for fast and efficient absorption.

It isn’t just about the product though.

With sustainability in mind, MMKI and Perfectly Natural Herbs make it a point to develop each of their workers’ skills as a means of strengthening their foster communities. The company also employs a diverse team of workers, hailing from Cebuano, Maranao, Higaonon, Molbog, Iranon and Badjao backgrounds.

Bringing the full strength of an entire community, Perfectly Natural Herbs is poised to take their mission of wellness wherever it needs to be – with all of us.

Make wellness come naturally with Perfectly Natural Herbs!

Perfectly Natural Herbs is a Mindanao-based social enterprise.