A Family Heirloom Recipe

Pepito’s Spanish Chorizo, is named after my grandfather, Pepito, who taught my mom his heirloom recipes. He lived in Negros Oriental, but is of Spanish descent. 

My mother was originally the first one who started the business in our hometown, Dumaguete city in 2012. In 2014, we started supplying several restaurants and bakeries here in Manila. I used to help make the chorizo with my mother when I was in highschool, and knowing that my mom did the same with her father before, inspired me to continue the tradition. 

Since it’s a family heirloom recipe, I want to share the happiness I get from eating our product. The good feedback from our customers makes everything worth it. I also would like to highlight that we do not use any preservatives, our product is gluten-free and lactose-free as well. 

Our business is unique in a way that it has a pinoy twist. Growing up in the province and coming from a Spanish and Filipino household, I feel that our Spanish Chorizo hubad tastes very Spanish in a way that it isn’t sweet, but what makes it Pinoy is how we serve it skinless. It goes perfectly with sinangag and a fried egg. Although there are other skinless Spanish Chorizo recipes out there, Pepito’s Spanish Chorizo is different, just as every family has different versions of popular dishes. We also import our main ingredients from Spain.