Organature Products

Loose green tra leaves
Loose Green Tea Leaves (Dried)
PHP  100.00
Rose hip
100% Pure Rosehip Oil Roll-on
PHP  395.00
Rejuvenate two
Rejuvenate Two
PHP  3,700.00
Aromatherapy one
Aromatherapy One
PHP  3,465.00
Headache reliever
Headache Reliever (Synergy Blend)
PHP  399.00
Daily shield
Daily Shield (Synergy Blend)
PHP  399.00
Lavender Oil Roll On
PHP  399.00
Calming touch
Calming Touch (Synergy Blend)
PHP  399.00
Coffee scrub travel size
Coffee Scrub (Travel size)
PHP  110.00
100 pure cocoa tablea
100% Pure Cacao Tablea
PHP  135.00
Ground coffee
Benguet Blend Ground Coffee 250g
PHP  210.00

We’ve been in constant pursuit of a perfect venture to start, a project that would open a lot of opportunities for learning, discovering, and exploring. It’s not easy to think of what business to start, what brand you want to portray, what products to produce, and especially, what name to use. We’ve spent months conceptualizing, doing research and developing what products to offer, and until this time, it will never ever stop. The name actually came in last. We toyed with various names but none of them suited the brand in our mind, until our very dear friend and mentor, Noli Misalucha, instantly had the idea of calling it ORGANATURE. We think it’s perfect, and so the journey begins!

At the very start, we knew deep in our hearts the reason why we really came up with this idea is to still lengthen the lives of the people we love who may be sick, and to maintain good health for those who are still well and in good shape.

When we were young, we thought everything would stay as it is. We never imagined that our loved ones would someday grow old, as they are now. It never crossed our minds that in eventuality, people will get tired and sick, old and fragile. Time slips away so fast- in one moment we are young; in just a blink of an eye we’re already experiencing marks of aging. Upon realizing this, there came a need to search for something that will help people live their life to the fullest. Something that helps maintain our homeostasis, balance, best self, and something that promotes health and wellness.

There came a desire to help people live long and healthy, stay with loved ones longer, and still experience what the world has to offer. We are very fortunate that nature is offering us everything we need- from shelter, food, clothing, medicine, etc. We just need to appreciate how incredible and magnificent nature is. As Dr. David Stewart, Ph.D, once said, “Knowing that humans were not the first ones being created on this planet – plants came first and the oils came first – says that God was thinking ahead, and thinking of our well being before He ever created us. God was already loving us before He made us.”  

ORGANATURE was created because we want to share something with you, straight from nature, and of the necessity to provide something that will promote health and wellness, and to help maintain our optimum health. It is with utmost importance to let everyone experience the true beauty of nature and how our Creator became so generous in providing us with everything we need. We also want to relive how the ancient people make the most out of what God has given us. How people from history maximize the therapeutic benefits of oils and plants and how they manage everything naturally without a need for something synthetic, not pure, and fake. We want to bring back the times when beauty regimen was merely Myrrh and Frankincense, the times when there are no faux, only pure and unadulterated. Periods wherein nature is where people go to for everything they need and require.

People have always discovered plants that can provide remedies from our infirmities. One of these many valuable gifts from nature is essential oil. The use of essential oils as natural remedies and beautification started long before the ancient times and until today. A lot of researches were published proving its healing properties. Essential oils are oils straight from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant, and are obtained thru distillation. It is so powerful because these oils are composed of very small molecules that can enter our cells, and some compounds in essential oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier. Because of the incredible ability of essential oils to travel through the body and air, these oils can support every single system within our bodies, and it can help us regain homeostasis and feel amazing.

ORGANATURE is about using 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and everything from nature. We take pride in providing you with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. We profoundly searched for suppliers providing the purest essential oils from around the world to let you experience complete therapeutic benefits of Essential Oils.