Nipa Brew: Brewed for Adventure

We were really inspired by the different high-quality beers we tried abroad and hoped that we could also create world-class Filipino beers. We want to let Filipinos discover different styles and flavours of beers.  Thus, we created Nipa Brew.

We chose the name “Nipa Brew” because a nipa hut is an iconic Filipino symbol of home and adventure. We want our beers to be brewed for adventure and be the gateway craft beer for Filipinos. We want to take Filipinos on a craft beer adventure—showing them beer styles and flavors they never thought possible while giving them great tasting beers that suit the Filipino taste.

We started our R&D in September 2014 in our small warehouse in Makati City. We brew high-quality beers while keeping the Filipino taste and preference in mind. A lot of our work goes into localizing different beer styles to fit the Filipino palate and climate. We don’t simply copy an international recipe and brew it for Filipino consumption.

It was really hard educating people of what craft beer is. In fact, it still is a challenge! We operate in an industry that is fairly in its infancy. We have to teach people why craft beer is different and why it’s more expensive than other commercially brewed beers.

We invite people to explore the craft beer experience thru our company mantra: “We here at Nipa Brew believe that life is too short for the usual. There’s an exciting world of flavor for you to discover, and you’ll never find the amazing things in store for you unless you go out of your comfort zone. So forget the boring.”

As early as we started, we joined bazaars. We still join bazaars nowadays to be able to get feedback and meet people interested in the same things we are. We get a lot of media coverage during big bazaars and we also get some bulk orders. Aside from bazaars, we also rely heavily on social media and other online channels.

Our goal is to have an efficient world-class brewery that brews high-quality beers so we can be the most widely available craft beer brand in the Philippines. While we’ve made a lot of progress, there are still a lot of things to do, and we’re pretty excited about the things to come!

We’re moving to our bigger brewery soon for bigger equipment, and possibly a beer tasting bar. We’re also launching our website within the year so we can create more engaging content. We aim to get more Filipinos will drink craft beer and we have a lot of plans to widen our distribution, both online and in stores.

Go on a craft beer adventure with Nipa Brew.