Always Fresh. Never Artificial.

Natureal Juice is a proudly Davao-grown business. Its creators are avid fans of calamansi juice—which moved them to realize that there’s something about real fresh, homemade calamansi juice that wasn’t present in any of the calamansi juice options available in stores or groceries today. They just don’t taste the same. The creators of Natureal Juice saw this as an opportunity to develop something they know the local market wants but do not have convenient access to just yet. And that’s how its first product, Natureal Juice Calamansi came to be—real and fresh calamansi juice with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Natureal Juice is the first to successfully bottle the authentic taste and flavor of real fresh fruit juices. All our juices are made from the finest fresh fruits, squeezed and blended to perfection. Unlike most juices which either have preservatives or are heat processed, we pride ourselves in being a clean label product, which means that there are no nonsense ingredients in our formulation. Natureal Juice is cold processed with High Pressure Pasteurization, the first in the Philippines to process this locally.