Native Gourmet: High-Quality Filipino Delicacies

Native Gourmet was launched in the third quarter of 2015. We wanted to provide healthy, high quality Filipino delicacies to the market and at the same time support our local farmers and fishermen. Native Gourmet are two words that describe our products - native for Filipino and gourmet for high quality delicacies.

We don’t just sell gourmet Filipino delicacies. We also make sure that they are healthy. All of our products do not have artificial preservatives or artificial coloring. Some of our items are organic like our Gourmet Bangus, which only feed on seaweed called lablab. We also offer Taba ng Talangka (crab paste) which is made healthier by using virgin coconut oil. This product was featured in Yummy Magazine recently. Aside from our seafood products, we also have Organic Rice Champorado made from organic heirloom black, red and white rice plus organic tablea.

Native Gourmet is different from the rest because we advocate environmental preservation and local farming. Parts of our proceeds are donated to The Green Revolution Ambassadors. By purchasing Native Gourmet products, customers are able to support the tree planting activities of The Green Revolution Ambassadors in Aguilar, Pangasinan. At the same time, they can also help support local farmers and fishermen, as we source everything locally.

The main challenge for us is brand awareness. That’s why we use social media as our main marketing channel. We also participate in different bazaars and events. This gives us the opportunity to let customers try our products. We know that our products are good, but it’s also important for our customers to try them.

We started with nine products last year and now have around twenty, plus variants. We aim to expand our product line and carry a complete range of Filipino gourmet delicacies. This will allow us to further support the local industry.

Bring home delicious, high quality Filipino delicacies by Native Gourmet.