Mush Better: Discover a New Kind of Fun

Our mushroom venture started in early 2016. After visiting a mushroom farm, I became interested in mushroom farming. I discovered that it’s a good source of income because we can have a bountiful harvest every day. I started growing a few oyster mushrooms in our backyard and enjoyed taking care of them.

The beginnings were not easy. Because mushrooms are perishable, they need to be distributed and consumed quickly. However, it’s really hard to find buyers of fresh oyster mushrooms near where we live. I didn’t want to put my mushrooms to waste, so I thought of ways to preserve them—thus, the birth of our Krispy Mushroom snack.

There are only a few local businesses who sell mushroom snacks. Our products are unique because we are hands-on from growing, harvesting, cooking, to packaging our mushrooms. To maintain the freshness and quality of our Krispy Mushroom snacks, we hand-pick the finest oyster mushrooms and immediately cook them after harvest.

Our Krispy Mushroom snack is definitely a MUSH try! Every bite is a new kind of fun! It’s the perfect snack for workouts, hiking, long travels and even just for watching movies at home. We recommend it as a healthy alternative to chicharon. It’s low fat so customers can enjoy eating it without worrying about their calorie intake. Currently, our Krispy Mushroom snack has two flavors: original and sour cream. Soon, we’ll also have a chili barbeque flavor.

Our goal is to see our customers enjoy eating our products. We want to inform them that mushrooms are healthy and delicious alternatives to meat. They are rich in protein, vitamins B and D and fiber, so they can keep you fit and healthy.

We joined our first bazaar in Alabang in June 2016. During that time, our product was a mushroom burger, and not Krispy Mushroom. Aside from bazaars, we also market our products through word of mouth and social media.

Our goals are to sell our products in major supermarkets nationwide and to eventually export them. Slowly but surely, we’ll work our way into making our product the number one mushroom snack in the country.

Have a MUSH better day with Mush Better’s Krispy Mushroom snack.