Passion for Handcrafted Food

MOTHER TONGUE is how I describe my first language - simply my tongue palate from a great influence of my mother’s home cooking. Having been raised literally in the kitchen with a sharp sense of smell and the passion for handcrafted food. Mother Tongue is also a word play derived from the Filipino expression “t@!*ina” which expresses every feeling inside your heart, usually most appropriate in describing a good meal. It is then translated into “tongue ina”, my mother’s tongue, the mother of my senses – my tongue palate, and finally defined in English as Mother Tongue.

I came up with Mother Tongue in November 20, 2017 and released my first two products (Mushroom Chili Sauce in Original and Tamarind) on November 27, 2017 at Backroom Sale in Whitespace Manila.

I always have pride in my mother’s cooking and appreciate the love and effort put in every home cooked meal. I have such passion for food and a penchant on savory and spicy food. My mother introduced me to different dishes we can cook with mushrooms as she prepares a wide variety in our dinner table. Even as a kid, I am accustomed to making my own food pairings and condiments by mixing every flavor I could possibly imagine. I am very much influenced by our country’s “sawsawan culture” so I decided to mix both. Mushrooms fascinate me and thought of making it as my base ingredient while chili sauce gives the right amount of kick and umami goodness.

I like that I get to do what I have just been dreaming of. I have always wanted to do a food business specifically artisanal products that I can call my own. I like making something for people that I literally poured all my effort and creativity in.

The good thing about my product is that I use locally sourced fresh and natural ingredients from our local farmers and growers. It does not only help my business but it transcends within our community by introducing a different take on the usual chili sauce.