An adventurous soul is a wonderful thing. Mitza knows what’s up.

The brand’s name, short for Mehrnaz, means ‘beautiful’ in Iranian. A playful mix of culture and curious fascination lays down the foundation for Mitza’s unique palette of flavors- drawing from a lifetime of travel and foodsploration.

Exploring the world through its cuisine is a major part of her career, appropriating different tastes back from her travels. Through cooking, Mitza succeeds in bringing a little bit of the world to your dinner table with a rich mosaic of different tastes- all filtered through her daring culinary style.

Starting with her circle of friends, she made a name for herself with her masterful command of exotic flavors. Word of mouth eventually spread after she began offering her selection of sauces at bazaars. Soon enough, eventually allowed her to leave her day job and pursue her passion full-time.

Thank your hungry stars, because there's absolutely no one else like her.

Whether you’d prefer the spicier side of life or tend to walk on the creamy end, Mitza has an adventure ready for you.

Where is she taking YOU next?