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Chili Garlic Love (8oz)
PHP  245.00
From Me, Tuyo (8oz)
PHP  225.00
Chili Garlic Love (4oz)
PHP  130.00

Founded on Love

Chili Garlic Love (CG Love) has been around since 2016 satisfying the spicy cravings of family members and friends. At first, there were no plans of sharing the sauce to the public. But it couldn’t be helped. In 2017, Mrs. M officially shared her love to the public through selling CG Love online.

Named after the sauce that everybody loves (chili garlic) and Mrs. M’s love for her husband, Mr. M, CG Love was created when a loving Mrs. M went on a mission to craft something tasty for Mr. M who loved all things spicy. Driven by this love and coupled with the same amount of love for learning and a love for life, she began experimenting in her kitchen with only natural and fresh ingredients on hand. Alas, Chili Garlic Love was born!

Mrs. M believes that with love as inspiration, everything else will follow. Her passion is reflected in the happiness that people feel when they share Chili Garlic Love with their loved ones.

Today, she takes this inspiration to develop more food products that will bring people together to share meals and stories!