Mindful Treats

Mindful Indulgence

Mindfulness – the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something

In this day and age of fake everything, fake news, fake products, fake people; fake food has sadly become our standard diet. Food companies pump their products with unsafe additives, and with corrupted food regulation departments, we know very little of the food that’s mostly available nowadays. That’s why through the treats I make, I intend to bring back the authenticity to food and ensure that what we but inside our bodies can nourish us.

Indulgence – to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of. 

Treats, sweets and dessert, whenever we hear any of these words it’s more than likely that nutrition is far from what comes to mind. With Mindful Indulgence, my goal is to show through careful preparation and ethical sourcing that it’s possible to enjoy a sweet treat and smile after knowing what you ate was good for you and did no harm to society, and the environment.

Mindful Indulgence started when I became mindful of what I eat. When ECQ started, I found it as an opportunity to improve on my physical and mental well-being. That’s when I started to workout couple times a week, and I’ve been on a constant search for healthy alternatives to my favorite snacks. Then came the 23rd of May, I made my first peanut butter cup. The whole thing piqued my interest and I found myself constantly looking for ways to improve my pb cup. Several failures, taste tests, breakdowns, sleepless and stressful nights after, I finally got the hang of making the right cup. And with the overwhelming support of my followers and the people around me, I released my first batch of PB Cups and got sold out in an hour. The process of making the treats is quite intricate, from making the homemade peanut butter, tempering chocolates down to dispatch of deliveries. I’m just so glad that my customers are seeing my heart and soul I pour into my products. ​