We wanted to make marble more relevant to the rapidly changing needs of the modern consumer by focusing on sleek, functional and more contemporary silhouettes, while exploring combining marble with other materials such as wood, glass and metal. 

Our main objective was to also support the skills and craftsmanship of our local artisans, while at the same time help revive and bolster the local marble industry.

Being able to do both -- enhancing marble's distinct character and versatility through more modern designs while at the same time helping sustain the livelihood of our local marble carvers, gives more meaning and purpose to what we do. Both have always been intertwined.

We've had Clients who've been surprised to find out that we actually have good quality local marble items that are carved by skilled Filipino artisans. That's why through our pieces, we not only want to showcase the beauty of the material and the piece itself, but also of the craftsmanship behind it. 

Hopefully, our pieces can help increase awareness and provide sustainable livelihood to our marble carvers, while at the same time fuel and strengthen respect and appreciation for local artisanal craftsmanship.

Marmol Stonework specializes in handcrafted marble items, focusing mainly on home decor. Our items range from coasters to bowls and candleholders, cheeseboards, trays, planters, bathroom accessories, cake stands and even sinks. We can also customize designs if Client has certain specifications, as well as engrave personalization on our items.