Mandy Navasero's Photo Safari Products

Mandy Navasero  graduated from  Brooks Institute of Photography,  major in Advertising and Illustration  Santa Barbara, CA.

She works as a commercial photographer of note in the Philippines since 1982.  Her works are published in local newspapers  and glossy magazines here and abroad.

Her Editor in Chief at the Philippine Daily Inquirer said:  “Mandy does not only

Seize the moment, she’s so very in the moment.  And she stays there until she gets what she wants out of her subject whether man, woman, child, beauty and the beast, landscape, seascape, non-scape, escape, still life, the moving life, the whole of life.   The secret of her success as I know it by instinct, insight and gut fee even if she herself can’t explain it, perhaps is that she romances the objects of her shoots with abundance. Hey respond as objects of her affection.”  (Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc)