Man on the Moon PH Products

Black hole web 1
Black Hole
PHP  130.00
Solstice web 1
PHP  130.00
Milky way web 1
Milky Way
PHP  130.00
Nebula web 1
PHP  160.00

A Stellar Brew

It's not just a unique name for a brand of coffee. Man on the Moon PH is also about passion, innovation and knowing that when it comes to creativity, the sky's the limit.

Our business started in March 5, 2017 and the name is inspired by our interest in astronomy and celestial bodies combined with the energy that coffee brings.

How it came about stems from our love for coffee, which we wanted to share with others. And we hope that with every bottle of Man on the Moon PH, we’d get to share a piece of ourselves.

Our best-selling product is the Black Hole, which is the perfect brew for those who want their coffee straight-up black and strong with no bitter taste. Nebula, which tastes like Kit Kat’s Green Tea in liquid form, will satisfy the matcha lover’s palate. And there’s Solstice, a unique brew fusing coffee and calamansi juice; an unusual pairing yet delightfully delicious. 

We’ve been going to bazaars for a year and we plan to expand this business into a physical café where people can experience good coffee. We are also continuously working to come up with other flavors that can go well with cold brew.

So if you want something unique in your cup, give this cold brew a try. You might just be over the moon about it.