Growing up, I belonged to the typical middle-class family. I was sent to a very good catholic school that instilled in me a lot of valuable life lessons. One such lesson is #gratitude. To be grateful for all the blessings I have received. To be content with what I currently have but to aspire for more. I was blessed to be born to a loving family who taught me the importance of hard work, going after what I want and having the courage to pursue my dreams.

This led me to try my hand in various small business such as retail, buy and sell and manufacturing. The inspiration comes from the desire to celebrate Independence, Ability to decide and capacity to grow as a person- as a woman.

Our brand name, Lola Fely’s® was named after our maternal grandmother “Feliza Fernandez Erum”. She was a strong-willed woman, a good wife and caring mother. We wanted to honor her and celebrate her life by creating a product that bears her name. She was for us, a woman of strength who nurtured our parents with so much love and care.

To be able to create a product that you are proud to offer is one of the biggest inspirations in starting this business and to be able to do that while expressing unending gratitude to our grandmother.

Our product is the First and Only Flavored Vinegar in the country. Lola Fely’s is 100% locally produced and manufactured. It aims to compete with imported flavored gourmet vinegar by providing flavors that are suitable to the Filipino palate.