Fun Activity Kits for Kids

We (Bea and Leni) conceived Little Smarts to fill the need for fun, interactive, educational activities about the Philippines because we found limited choices available in the market for our children. We have a kindred penchant for our beautiful culture and country and showcased it in our first activity kit. 

Our first activity kit titled Tala’s Philippine Adventure is designed to explore the Philippines and its’ many beautiful destinations and cultural icons. The game comprises of dice, adventure and challenge cards and four players and is a non-linear (board game inspired) game. Our studies have shown that the game is enjoyable for the whole family. We recommend parent led play for kids between four to six years old.

Leni is an educator at heart with more than twenty years of experience and proud to hail from Los Banos. She wanted to make interesting things for her son Lucasand other children to discover what it really means to have fun in the Philippines. Bea works for their family business Ilustrado restaurant in Intramuros and love its history and old world charm. Likewise she endeavors to entice her son Appa to move and play outdoors despite the lure of the screen.

We started our passion project, Little Smarts, because as moms to now almost four year olds, we are constantly trying to divide our time between work and family. In particular, getting our kids stimulated, do outdoor activities, and basically tear them away from the screen and indoors. Secondly, we found the lack of activities / toys / products in the market that showcase our beautiful country and its exciting culture. As moms we put on many hats and find that pursuing passions (in the form of business) has allowed us to continue to discover and challenge ourselves to constantly try to be better. This is something we would also like to instill in our children – to allow continuing growth for themselves in all things.