Lick The Spoon Gourmet Foods Inc. Products

Lick The Spoon Gourmet Foods Inc. is a Philippine manufacturing company. We are dedicated to producing innovative, unique, delicious, and affordable bottled products. We aim to satisfy local and foreign consumers with our fish, fruits, milk, and vegetable-based products.

Tinapa (Smoked Fish), Daing (Halved/Filleted, Salted and Dried Fish), Tuyo (Salted and Dried Fish), Bagoong (Salted and Fermented Shrimp Fry) are some of the local ingredients we champion for the discriminating taste of both the local and foreign consumers. We have elevated the taste of these products to compete in a global scale both on taste and quality.

In 2006, we started as a home-based business under our flagship project 'Deep Dips Foodstuff’, it was the brainchild of Chef Arnold Bernardo. He had a vision of bringing quality gourmet food using local Philippine ingredients bringing a sophisticated taste to a wider consumer base and longer shelf life delivered via bottles.

Our company was awarded a slot for the 2015 IFEX Red Box program. This was opened to startup companies offering food with a high export potential. The event proved successful. We have met with a network of interested distributors and exporters looking to help bring Deep Dips to more local and foreign consumers alike. Today we boast of more than 100 products with a good following and distribution. We have caught the attention of various food magazines, food bloggers, TV / Radio programs, etc. for the taste of our products. We have joined a number of food bazars/weekend markets and have enjoyed the warm welcome and good sales from clients. Major supermarkets like Rustans, Shopwise, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, Puregold, etc. carry our brand.