Kayumanggi Organic: Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Kayumanggi Organic is a social enterprise that was established in July 2014. My co-founder chose the name “Kayumanggi”  because we want Filipino's to be proud of thier heritage and be excellent in nature.

As a social enterprise, we think in terms of our social purpose instead of business model. What makes us different from other social enterprises is that most of them tackle only a fraction of the cycle of problems we address. Very few of us are willing to venture into such a comprehensive approach towards contributing to the nation’s progress. And, I know of none that focus on health as its central point.

While health is our centerpiece, we also want to bring a more fundamental message to the impoverished—that they too are worthy of the best. All people have the same right to health, and therefore healthy food. We serve those with small disposable incomes even more passionately than those who can easily afford healthy food.

A lot of our work involves awareness-building. We engage in barangay-level campaigns to inform our people of how eating the right food keeps you healthy, thus, drastically reducing the burden of future medical expenses.

We help build a world that is inspiring and makes us feel grateful and lucky to live in by creating dignified jobs in the production and selling of healthy food products. Currently, we work directly with about thirty farmers and eight mothers in production, five out-of-school youth in packaging and twenty-one ambassadors in direct reselling.

Our products include wild ginger tea, raw coconut sugar, rustique cacao, virgin coconut oil and golden coconut nectar. In purchasing them, you contribute directly to the lives of the farmers, while taking care of your own health. This reduces your medical expenses and we hope that through our advocacy you become aware that nature feeds you just right if you connect with it in a natural way.

The challenges we face are all related to mindset changes, from timely executing a task to getting people to open their minds to consider alternative ways of working and living. These challenges are our raison d’etre, and we embrace them purposefully. Apart from this, matching our production with our market is a constant game of skill and a remarkable skill to learn.

Our main marketing effort is through our ambassadors who engage in direct reselling and are primary advocates of our mission of health and social progress. We also attend bazaars and other promotional events. The most valuable component of bazaars is talking with fellow advocates and changemakers, social entrepreneurs and our customers.

We are currently preparing to start exportation next year. We will also gradually expand our product range. We aspire to be the most inspiring provider of health-promoting food products in the country. Step by step, we work towards fulfilling that purpose.

Eat Healthy and stay healthy with Kayumanggi Organics.