Honoring Nature's Kingdom

Kahariam Farms are two organic farms in Zambales and Batangas. The word Kahariam comes from the syllables of the farm owners children: KAhlil, HAnna, RIa and hyRAM. It is also a play on the word Kaharian. Kahariam Farms likes to think of our land as nature’s kingdom and we honor it by taking care of it responsibly. 

Aside from being the largest earthworm farm in the Philippines, where their vermicast comes from. Kahariam Farms is also certified organic by OCCP, making sure their customers are getting quality vermicast from us. It is 90% vermicast and 10% organic matter. They do not mix it with garden soil or potting mix. Kahariam Farms has been doing this for many years and have mastered the craft of producing it.

Kahariam Farms product is also registerd under BAFPS - The Philippines' Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Product Standards, is an agency of the Philippine government under the Department of Agriculture responsible for setting and implementing standards for fresh primary and secondary processed agricultural and fishery product.